The Black Community is Finally Becoming More Earth Conscious

The Black Community is Finally Becoming More Earth Conscious

Exploring this world as a black woman is quite exhilarating, yet it can create a sense of being behind. As I navigated the world as an adolescent, teen and young adult, there were some things that we just did not have access to. 

Of course, depending on your SES status there were just some things that did not exist in the beauty spaces. One of the most prized and memorable products that many black households held in their homes was this Queen Helen Cocoa Butter Lotion. If you remember this lotion, you may remember that this was the most affordable lotion that your family could afford. At least for me, it was. 

I am thankful for the experiences I have had with many low budget products. However, as I matured and became more curious and wondered why do so many black people share the same sentiments and memories with this and other products?

Desperate to find some answers and a solution, I put the burden on myself. With my curiosity and passion for all things natural, I began to do my own research. My goal was to find a product and/or ingredient that was for our unique black skin. I also wanted to create a product that would create these same memories as the Queen Helen Cocoa Butter created.

However, I wanted to create an even more unique experience by expanding our horizons to a product that was more effective, more natural and with our unique experiences in mind. 

So, through the continuous research, I studied Shea Butter. Realizing that this ingredient traces back to our African lineage I knew that I wanted my Brand, Ekonade', a Deodorant and Body Care brand to have this as a key ingredient. 

With the exposure that I have created for myself, I wanted to spread the same experiences but with a more effective and natural way. 

"Black culture is becoming more earth conscious and realizing the importance of using safe ingredients on our skin and I truly love that for us".


It is truly empowering to see the growth that we have made as a culture. I am thankful that I am able to have an impact on the new common experiences we can now have.

As I grow and as my brand grows, I will make sure that each experience is as unique and memorable as it can be. 

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