• Orders & Payments
  • Can I cancel my order?
    As soon we receive your order we start processing it. If the order has been submitted and we have started working on it then it can’t be changed or canceled.
  • Can I edit my shipping address?
    Please email order@ekonade.com with your order number and new address you would like for us to send your products to as soon as possible. However, if you have received a tracking update via email, unfortunately, your order has been fulfilled and is on the way to the initial address you entered at checkout. You can contact UPS directly to intercept the package.
  • What if my package gets returned?
    If your package is returned to sender we will be in touch via email to arrange re-shipping your order. Please note, you will need to confirm your address and pay again for the cost of shipping.
  • Can I modify my order once placed?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to modify your order. We will not be able to add or take away items once the order is placed. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.
  • Why haven't I received my tracking number?
    Tracking numbers are emailed once the order has began processing. You may also want to check your junk or spam mail just in case. If you have not received a tracking number with 5-7 business days please email order@ekonade.com
  • Can I return my items?
    No, all orders are final to assure safety of our product. If there are any mistakes with your order please email us at order@ekonade,com
  • Shipping & Delivery
  • Why did you switch from USPS to UPS?
    Initially, we were using USPS and we noticed that many packages were not arriving in the time frame within our standards. To assure that your products arrived in time without compromise, we decided that it was best to switch carriers.
  • What days do you ship orders?
    Due to the nature of our products, we ship Monday- Wednesday. Orders placed after Wednesday will be shipped the following week beginning on Monday.
  • My package was lost. What do I do?
    We offer an add-on service called Route which is automatically selected at checkout. If it is deselected, you agree to not have package protection. Should an issue arise, customers can quickly file claims through a link sent via email or directly in the Route app. Once a claim is submitted, Route jumps into action. Based on the merchant’s preference, Route will either refund the purchase or reorder the same products for the customers—ultimately creating a second sale for the merchant. Please note, we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages if the Route Protection is deselected or not added to cart.
  • Products
  • Are your products safe for sensitive skin?
    Yes, all of our products are made with fair trade, organic and cold pressed ingredients. We assure that our products are safe for all skin types. However, if you have any concerns, please consult with a dermatologist or perform a skin test before using.
  • Are your products safe for children?
    Yes. The original scented Shea Butter, Shea Butter Glow, is safe for children. However, our limited collections are with fragrant so please consult with a dermatologist before using on kids.
  • What does certified fair trade mean?
    Our Shea Butter ingredient is sourced from a Community Certified Fair Trade right in Ghana. This means that the women who make it meet annually to review their relationship with the supplier and whether or not they have been treated fairly. They review and discuss as a group and decide whether or not to continue to use the Community Certified Fair Trade logo. Fair treatment includes: 1. Payment of a premium price above market price 2. Negotiation of price and relationship as a group 3. A respectful and dignified relationship with its source 4. Support for community, family, youth, education and other priorities as identified by the women’s groups 5. Plus other priorities and issues as identified by the women’s group
  • Are EKONADE' products for me?
    We are a plant based skincare and wellness brand focused on holistic skincare, empowerment, and skin positivity. We offer products that are made with simple and pure ingredients. We welcome all skin types
  • Does your products help with dry skin?
    Yes, most of our products are for those who suffer with transepidermal water loss. We strategically created products just for this issue. Check out our Shea Butta Glow (for body), and other facial products, Ultra Duo.
  • When will your natural deodorant be available.
    Currently, our natural deodorant is being tested by a group of people to assure its effectiveness. The group is scheduled to run for 6 weeks. Once the term ends, we will prepare for an official launch. However, a date is unavailable. Trust, we are just as excited as you are. Sign up for our INNERGY Circle to receive updates on this launch.
  • Are EKONADE' products recyclable?
    Absolutely. All of our products can be recycled or ether up cycled. By product: • Plastic Shea Butta Jars: made of PET recyclable material. Place in appropriate sorting bins or up cycle and use for storage of household items. • Deodorant tubes: recyclable cardboard material. Place in appropriate sorting bins in your location.
  • How do I open the deodorant tube?
    Start by gently twisting and pulling to get the cap off. Our tubes are push tubes; so, to get the product visible gently push the bottom up. Once applied, gently push the product down with your finger tips. Once you get this down, the process is easy after that.
  • How do I use EKONADE' natural deodorant?
    Our product is formulated to glide on smooth and clear to help you feel confident and empowered during each wear. Apply 3-4 swipes of the product to each armpit. Be sure to get the perimeter of your pits as well. Click here to watch the video: https://www.instagram.com/p/CdDujFplkcV/
  • How often should I use EKONADE' natural deodorant?
    Well, that is totally your decision. However, if you want to feel fresh and clean, we recommend that you apply daily after every cleanse. If you have an intense workout session, you will have to reapply after a shower, of course. The amount of times you apply, depends on your daily activities.
  • Do I need to detox my underarms before using EKONADE' natural deodorant?
    Our products are gently formulated and with the use of plant based oils and powders, your odor causing bacteria would be eliminated with each application. However, we do offer a range formulas ranging from regular, regular- active, sensitive skin, sensitive skin-active.
  • Can you explain the deodorant ranges?
    For sure! We created the different ranges because we understood that some people have a more intense body odor than others which is dependent upon their activity level or body composition. Take a look at our formulas explained: • Regular: someone that has regular everyday activity to intense; this person may not get as sweaty and stinky as others even with intense movements. • Regular- active: someone that can have intense body odor, major sweating, and typically works out 4+ days a week. • Sensitive skin- someone that can have irritations due to high levels of baking soda. • Sensitive skin- active: someone who is still pretty active with sensitive skin but would still prefer more coverage to neutralize odor. • Baking Soda free- someone who has extreme sensitivity to baking soda.
  • Is EKONADE deodorant safe for kids?
    Yes. We formulate our product with plant based oils and powders that are gentle enough even for kids.