Our Story

Ekonade'™ began with a personal story in mind. As a young black girl, owner, Shadonna Walker, was often teased about her skin tone. The issue was, there wasn’t a proper skincare routine which obviously reflected as such. 

A day with her family turned into a lifestyle skincare change for her. Shadonna remembers quite vividly an interaction she and her father had; She recalls him stating to her “you have to take care of your skin, you are dark skin and can’t use what everyone else uses”. This sparked a small interest of developing an essential skincare routine. From that moment, she began to sample different products but neither would work so she resorted to simply using a petroleum jelly. However, as time evolved and her knowledge, she realized that it was not providing the nutrients that her skin needed.

As time moved forward, now a college student, Shadonna then learned about Shea Butter which then led to her knowledge of “Whipped” Shea Butter. From this moment, she never looked back and knew that this was her “cure” to healthy and glowing skin. Shadonna was fascinated with Shea Butter and longed for others to have the same love for it as her. However, Shadonna encountered another issue that was problematic which was finding a product to use on her face. As she continued to use her whipped Shea Butter, she learned that it was not the best product for the face due to it being a heavier product which can clog your pores.

Soon-after, she began using a very lightweight oil that aided in better results. Her light bulb came on and she decided to make a blend of oils that are lightweight, hydrating, softens the skin but could be used for each skin type. 

A harmless interaction of being told to take care of her skin turned into her launching her very own skincare line.