Sustainability Mission

Skincare products for black women

Ekonade' Skin is a holistic skincare brand which encompasses all aspects of your health beyond your skin. Care for the environment is one of the ways we stick to our core values. 

Skincare for black women

We are a growing community and are continuously looking for ways to be as eco friendly as possible. 

Here are some ways you will notice sustainability with our brand:

1. Our products are made with certified fair trade Shea Butter sourced from Ghana.

2. We use organic and cold pressed oils

3. Our packaging of products are made of PET plastics and/or glass. 

4. Our product packaging is sanitized in a plant based solution

5. When you receive your package, the packing peanuts used to keep your package secure can be dissolved in water. 

6. Lastly, we have a minimalist approach to packing every order. Each order is filled with the essentials: your amazing products you ordered, thank you note, a way to contact us and a confirmation slip of your order. 

skincare products for black women