Terms & Conditions for Digital Product "How You Can Make Your '5' Star Body Butter


Terms and Condtions

Digital Product "How You Can Make Your '5' Star Body Butter Terms and Conditions

Last updated 02/19/2022

This agreement is made between The Bomb Essentials, LLC of Ekonade’ Skin (company/seller) and (purchaser)


Within this agreement we will discuss the terms of the seller and purchaser relationship. Once purchased, purchasers agrees to the terms of this agreement.


All orders placed by the purchaser are subject to Seller’s acceptance. Seller hereby reserves the right to reject any order, in whole, or in part, for any reason whatsoever. However, once payment is received, seller will process with the full order. In rare cases of outage or shortage, seller will communicate with the purchaser to discuss alternatives or reimbursement.


Orders will be placed online only at (www.ekonade.com). All orders must be paid in full before fulfillment starts. Seller does offer three payment option platforms through Zip (formerly called QuadPay), Sezzle or ShopPay. Through these platforms the customer is able to pay in 4 installments with 0 interest every two weeks. ALL ORDERS ARE FINAL. THERE WILL BE NO RETURNS ON DIGITAL PROPERTY.


It is the duty of the (purchaser) to list all ingredients on official website and packaging to assure the quality and safety of products for their customers. The Bomb Essentials, LLC (company) will not be held liable for any damages, business incompliance, misrepresentation of products, or the like. Purchaser either operates as a Sole Proprietorship, LLC S-Corp or C-Corp. Upon purchase, purchaser releases seller of any liability.


All rights reserved. No part of this formula or its contents may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or any means without the written permission from the (company) The Bomb Essentials, LLC. If copyright is broken, the company will utilize the law to its full extent. Purchaser shall not disclose and shall otherwise maintain the confidentiality of all pricing information, terms, and advance product information supplied by the seller.


Seller reserves the right to revise or amend digital product at their discretion. 

By proceeding to purchase, you accept these terms and conditions electronically without signature. Please see other applicable terms and conditions.


In order to resolve a complaint regarding the Site or to receive further information regarding use of Site, please contact us at:

The Bomb Essentials, LLC

Atlanta, GA